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    Hemorrhoid during pregnancy..

    This may sound unbecoming but before my first pregnancy I never notice any abnormality with my anal cavity or anus. But after my delivery, my OB told me that one of her struggle in my delivery was my hemorrhoid.
    Does pregnancy prone you to this? Is there some rationale or reasons why hemorrhoids appear during pregnancy?
    I have talked to some moms in my locality and it seems to be so true to them too.
    Any enlightenment on this issue will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again.

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    Many women develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy and labor. Pregnant women are more prone to constipation, which in turn causes hemorrhoids. During labor, the straining can intensify or create hormones.

    One of the best things that a woman can do to prevent hemorrhoids is to prevent issues that will cause irritation to the anal cavity. Drink plenty of water and consume plenty of fiber. Try to obtain iron from natural sources rather than harsh supplements whenever possible.

    If you've already developed hemorrhoids, try treating them with an over-the-counter cream or witch hazel soaked pads applied to the area as needed.

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    mom2many is right on target as to why hemmorhoids happen more often in pregnant women. The hormone, progesterone, is responsible for preventing miscarriage and can increase to very high levels during pregnancy. This hormone also relaxes muscles, and when the muscles in your digestive tract relax constipation happens.

    One really easy way to be sure this doesn't happen is by drinking plenty of pure water throughout the day. And a super great way to get natural iron from vegetables and lots of fiber in your diet is to drink green smoothies.

    Here's a video of a pregnant mum who drinks a green smoothie each morning.

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