My partner has a 2-year old who I adore when he behaves well. But at times he is such a handful!! He would make some requests that when declined, he would start throwing tantrums that basically make for an embarrassing scene --- ANYWHERE! At the supermarket, at the park, at home. Anywhere. My partner is sooooo tolerant of him! He just picks him up the floor, doesn't say anything, carry him around trying to contain him until he either gets what he wants, or gets so tired of struggling and crying he'll fall asleep. I'm not a parent yet so I don't feel confident telling what my partner ought to or not to do. And besides, that is not my child. He also spares him the rod, which I think doesn't help the situation. From this behaviour pattern I think things will just get worse. I'd say if I was the mum, I won't tolerate him so much.

I would just ignore the kid when he throws tantrums. It's not that I don't care. I do care, but I gathered that by ignoring children's tantrums, you show them that what they're doing has no effect whatsoever, and that tantrums do not get them what they want or settle anything really. I am a 26-year old with no children of my own, so I'm not sure. Am I doing the right thing?