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    Smile Developing a Child's Mental and Communication Skills

    I have always believed that smart kids are not just born genetically but are developed by a specific learning method. How can I develop my child's communication and mental skills at a very young age?

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    The nutrients a woman puts into her body before and during pregnancy play a big part in her unborn child's brain development.

    You'll want to be sure you and your husband are planning for pregnancy and starting prenatal care at least 3-4 months in advance.

    And once baby is born, you will want to be sure you communicate with your baby often by making eye contact, touching him, holding him, rocking him, reading to him, singing to him, etc.

    Babies love to be read to and introducing numbers, colors, shapes and sizes through books and interactive games are a wonderful way to stimulate brain development.

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Great advice from Kate

    The more you communicate with your baby at a very young age the more interested your baby will be in communicating back with you and discovering the world around them. I am a great believer in letting babies explore and touch everything they want to (as long as it is safe), rather then restricting them to 'baby toys' or a particular play area. Education experts also advice you read your baby at least 2-4 books a day as this will encourage a life-long love of books and learning. I also think that baby wearing is an excellent way to help your baby (emotionally and developmentally) as it allows: bonding, close communication and eye contact between the parent and the baby.

    Thank you for posting this interesting question.

    Best wishes,


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