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Thread: Off with the nappies

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    Off with the nappies

    What tips and advice can you give me on how to train my toddler not to wear
    nappies at night. Though she's already potty trained and no longer wearing
    nappies during daytime she still sometimes pees in bed.

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    Hi Mumnlikenit,

    I found that all of my children potty trained at night at different times. One was 3, one was 8, and the others were in between there somewhere. But I never ended up with a teenager who wasn't potty trained

    There are many different things that can play a part in potty training at night. One thing I found was when things were more stressful around the house (i.e. tension between my husband and I, or my husband being gone more than usual) that my children would have more accidents at night.

    But for the normal training situations, I found these wonderful cloth pads that I could put across the bed, under them. These pads held up to 6 cups of liquid. I had two of them. At night I would put one on the bed, and if my child wet the bed at night and she woke up to it, I would direct her to take the wet pad off the bed, put the dry one on (just had to lay it on the bed), change her clothes and get back in bed. She did this on her own.

    Sometimes I found that if they were wet night after night, that they just weren't ready to be in underwear at night, so I kept them in a nappy until they started to wake up dry. I also found that waking them up and taking them to the lu at 11PM helped them to wake up dry. My husband would usually be the one to do this as he would come to bed after I was already asleep.

    And, of course, having them empty their bladder right before going to bed helps, and having them stop drinking any liquids 3 hours before going to bed can help too.

    Here's a great article on how to Toilet Train in Just One Day.

    It mentions a night time routine too, so do take a look.

    Hope this helps - please post back and let us know how she's doing.

    Warm regards,


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    The pads that Kate mentioned sound great! She always has such fantastic suggestions.

    As for training times, I have a five-year-old who still wets at night. His older sister stopped at around three. The two younger ones haven't quite made it to potty training yet so I cannot say when they will be night trained.

    With the oldest, it just happened. Same with daytime training. One day she just got it. =)

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    It's frustrating sometimes for me and my husband, cause we hear our friends who has kids with same age that their kids no longer wear nappies. My husband feels that I'm not doing something to train her. But it was my sister in law who mentioned as well that it's the same case with just happened, one day my nephew don't want to wear nappies at all. And I'm waiting for that day to happen as well with my daughter of course applying the advices that you shared here.

    Thanks a bunch Kate and mom2many!

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    Hello All,

    I also have a 3 year old son who is potty-trained and not wearing nappies during the day or when taking a short nap (even pees when he feels that he has to). However, he still needs to wear nappies during the night because he pees a lot and can't control it yet.

    So what my husband and I are doing these days is to let him pee before going to bed and wake him up a few times during the night and make him pee. In this way, he can control it everytime nature calls. The first few days were terrible though but he is doing fine lately. Putting some pads underneath his bed is a good suggestion though, it saves much on the cleaning time.


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    Hi MumO'Three,

    We also found that if we have the children empty their bladders before bed, and then my husband takes the children potty at 11PM, that they will almost always be able to wake up dry in the morning. That coupled with not letting them drink right before they go to bed


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