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    Activities for toddler

    My child seems to be over-active and over-eager. The my pediatrician says this is just normal.
    What positive activities can i keep her busy with?

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    Hi mumnlikenit,

    I hope Laura-Jane sees this question because she's got some of the best ideas of things to keep children busy.

    But aside from things you can do, I would encourage you to make sure she is eating a really healthy diet. Reduce or eliminate all sugar and refined foods, especially foods with high fructose corn syrup and food coloring in them (red dyes are the worst). Focus on making healthy foods with high quality protein, fruits and vegetables. Eggs, nut butters, smoothies, steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, and avocados are all part of a healthy diet.

    If you reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates like crackers, cookies, cakes, chips and sweets, you may just see that her attention span gets better and she doesn't have the "wiggles" quite so much.

    Here's another thread where we gave some ideas of things to do with children.

    Warm regards,


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    Ah thanks Kate!

    Dear mumnlikenit (love your member name!),

    Sometimes little ones seem to have so much energy, don't they?! It is great to keep them busy and active so that they: stay healthy, enjoy discovering and learning new activities and sleep well.

    I think it's good to do a combination of group activities with children and family/ one-on-one activities. This means that a child is benefiting from socialising and playing with other children as well as enjoying the attention from their parents. For the group activities; sports groups or playgroups can be great. I see from your previous post that your daughter is 3 years old so she may enjoy activities like: group crafts (e.g. making cards or decorating boxes), swimming, playing hide and seek with friends and some playgroups organise 'messy play'.

    For the more family centred activities you can be as creative as you and your daughter like! How about making a den under a table (with blankets and boxes) that she can 'play house' in. Or making/buying some pizza bases and then having a fun cooking afternoon creating your own pizza toppings and designs (just be prepared for the mess!). You could draw pictures outside with colourful chalks or make a 'family scrapbook' telling special things about each family member. You could create an obstacle course in your own garden!

    I hope you have a great time with your little girl!

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Kate & LJ,

    You guys made my day! Thank you so much for these insights. Actually I'm currently looking for a play school
    near our area or any activities that enables her to socialize with other kids

    Again, thank you!


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    Hi Alma,

    I'm glad you found our suggestions useful!

    Let us know how you get on,


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    Kids would love to learn through games and crafts, so it is natural that the capacity they will gain through discovering positive attitude by playing different activities. Activities like puzzle games, let toddler play with a cardboard box easy enough, paintings, coloring pages, crafts, make a balance beam from boards inside or outside and practice walking along them.

    I use to make my little one to color the images of different things or any cartoon related sheets or educational like alphabet coloring pages

    Here are few activities for toddlers

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