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    Too tired to have sex.

    I'm a stay home mum and on a normal day it's just me and my daughter.
    And I could say whole day is not enough to finish all the chores inside the *house
    as well as attending to my kids need. End of the day I'm already worn out to have sex with my hubby, what advice you could share on this?

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    Hi Mumnlikenit,

    I've been in your shoes! Except with me, it happened after I had my 3rd child and I was starting to experience Adrenal Fatigue which the doctor completely missed (I realized it a few years later when it got really bad).

    So now is definitely the time to be addressing this as it's possible to have way more energy than what you're experiencing AND be energetic and excited to make love at night.

    Apart from not having enough energy in the evening, there is usually one part of the month when a woman is much more interested in sex than at any other time in the month, and that's during her fertile window, most especially at ovulation. When hormones change in order for the body to release an egg so that conception can occur, these hormonal changes cause a woman to feel more amorous. In fact there have been studies showing that you can tell when a woman is fertile because she buys sexier clothing during that time. Makes sense!

    Please see my post about managing PMS as the advice I left there will not only help to balance your hormones so that you're more eager to make love, but will give you a lot more energy too.

    One thing that can quickly help to balance hormones and skyrocket your energy is to eat a mostly raw diet. One really healthy, yummy and easy way to eat some raw foods is to make a green smoothie. Children love them and so do adults.

    Here's a video showing you how to quickly make a green smoothie packed with nutrients and energy for your body. Please note that she starts with water in the bottom of her blender before adding the greens. I would start with less greens and then gradually, over a few weeks, add more. You want to love this smoothie, and if you're not used to drinking greens in your smoothie, you'll want to be sure it tastes more like fruit so you enjoy it.

    I'd also like to mention that Traditional Chinese Medicine can be really good for balancing hormones.

    Hope this helps!

    Warm regards,


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    I feel the same way! Also, that is great information Kate.


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