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    pre-mature labor

    I have a friend that was having a premature labor last May 26, 2012 and unfortunately the baby died. I would like to ask why those born during 7th month has chances of surviving while those born during 8th month mostly died? What is the critical situation or critical development of the baby at this stage that might cause of their death?

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    Hi Sara,

    I'm so sorry about your friend's loss. Many babies who are born at 8 months gestation end up surviving, and I'm sure that the quality of care they receive has a big part to do with this. Sometimes mums are given steroids if they are in premature labour, to help the baby's lungs develop more quickly.

    It so hard to say what it was that caused your friend's baby not to survive because I don't know what her pregnancy was like and I don't know what kind of facility she was in or what her care was like when she gave birth.

    We do have a thread on this forum that talks about how to console a mum who has had multiple pregnancy losses. Maybe there would be something in there that would help you to console your friend.

    Warm regards,


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    I am also confused as to why because they are talking something about "placenta thing" but i just can't understand fully what's in it. They said that the feet of the baby was the first to go out and not the head. So I was thinking probably the baby was already dead when she labors? Is it possible ms.kate?

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    Feet first is called a breach presentation and doesn't necessarily mean that the baby was already dead before it was born. Many babies are born bottom first or feet first and survive. A breach presentation is more risky than a head first presentation, and this is why it is so VERY important to interview some midwives or doctors so that you can make the best choice for your care.

    Here's an excellent article that shows what steps you can take to ensure that you choose the right practitioner for your pregnancy and birth care.

    I'm so sorry about your friend's loss, but do know that the better your choices in pregnancy and birth care, the better chances of a positive outcome. This is why I chose to have a midwife and a doula at all of my births and it's why I chose to have home births. I did a lot of research before choosing my midwife and I knew that her back-up physician had a low C-Section rate and that if I ended up being transferred to the hospital, that I would have excellent care. Thankfully, having a home birth with my midwife allowed to me to give birth to a healthy baby at home, and even though we ran into trouble, my midwife was very skilled and everything turned out very well. Had I been in the hospital, my first birth would most likely have ended up in a C-Section.

    Warm regards,


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