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    Home immediate intervetions for my toddler

    Hello, I am a first time Mum. I still do not have good ideas on how to deal with my 2-year old toddler whenever she has fever. I would just like to ask for some insights on what are the best possible care do I need to perform for my sick toddler. What could be the appropriate home interventions do I need to implement? Furthermore, when should be the right time that I be cautious and feel the need to bring her to a Paediatrician. Many thanks for reading my post.

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    I try to do what I can to naturally control fever and keep a child comfortable so that I don't have to give medication. For all low grade fevers this works well, unless they have a headache that won't go away - then I give an over the counter pain reliever.

    But all medications come with the possibility of side effects/reactions and all will put extra stress on the body and the liver which can mean that illnesses take longer to overcome.

    The first thing I consider is that the fever is actually fighting a pathogen. When a child gets a cold or the flu, the body goes to war against the virus that is reproducing very rapidly, in order to kill it off. By raising the body temperature, the viruses can't survive very long and eventually will be killed. Sometimes, if a child has a fever for 5 days (as compared to 1 or 2 days), you'll know that it was trying very hard to battle something, and at the end of that time, the child will literally be very tired and have very little energy. This is the time to rebuild the body's strength.

    So allowing a low grade fever to do it's work is a good idea, if the child is not showing signs of discomfort.

    If the fever becomes higher, and becomes uncomfortable, then you can wipe the child's body with a cold, damp cloth. Forehead, arms, legs - that will often feel good to a child, especially a cold cloth on the head.

    You can also give the child a bath, and the best way to do this is to start the water out where it feels comfortable to the child, and then run the cold water in the warm bath, to gradually bring the water down in temp. This is much easier on the body than just placing a child in a tepid bath.

    I always make sure my children are having regular bowel movements, because the bowel is another way that the body moves toxins and pathogens out. Be sure the child is drinking plenty of water, juice and or healing tea because this will help to keep the bowels moving, and will help to keep the child hydrated.

    So those are the things I will do to help my children while they have fever. Maybe others will have some more ideas for you.

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    Hi Kate! I'm using another account, since I forgot the password of the first one. Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely follow your advices whenever I encounter situations aforementioned. So good of you Kate, and this forum is a great, great help!

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    So glad you learned some new things.

    Warm Regards,


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