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    Out of control..

    Hi everyone,

    Need advice on this...I've been bothered with my 3 yr old daughters attitude for this past week, she's been throwing everything that she could hold when she's mad, can you give me advice on how to properly deal with this.

    Any advice will be a great help!


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    Hi Alma,

    This kind of behavior needs to be corrected immediately so that it doesn't escalate into something bigger (like hitting and throwing a tantrum).

    So the first thing I would do if I saw my child throw something out of anger is to go right to her and say firmly, but lovingly, "I will not let you throw things. That's not okay."

    Once you have your child's attention and she has control of herself, you can then direct her to go and pick up whatever it was she threw, and put it back (or put it away). This not only stops her from continuing to throw things, but it corrects the bad behavior by having her show respect to the object that she threw by putting it back nicely.

    If she throws it again or if she throws a tantrum, then you'll want to do a search on the forums for the word "tantrum" and you'll find more posts where I address how to correct children who throw tantrums. Lots of good information here on the forums about correcting a 2, 3 and 4 year old's poor behavior.

    Let me know if you learn something or if you try something, and how it goes.

    Warm regards,


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