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Thread: Sleeping alone.

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    Sleeping alone.

    my daughter is already 3 and she sleeps with us since birth, of course me and my hubby needs privacy too
    how can i make her sleep in her room?

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    Does your daughter sleep in bed with you and your husband (co-sleep) or in her own bed in your room or a combination of these? Your current sleeping arrangements will determine how is best to transition your daughter into sleeping in her own room. Also, does she currently wake up in the night and need your help with getting back to sleep?

    I can recommend The No Cry Sleep Solution for gentle ways to transition your daughter to sleeping in her own room. One of these solutions is for the parent to start off sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to the child's bed (in the new room); as your daughter will be used to falling asleep with you there. Then you quietly slip away once she is asleep.

    I'll be interested to hear other mum's experiences on this topic too - thank you for posting this question!

    Best wishes,


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    She actually sleeps in the same bed with me and my husband. And when my husband and I are both up, she automatically wakes up as well. Sometimes if she finds that no one is beside her she cries. Thanks LJ on these advice and the link. I really appreciate your help in this!

    Keep it up!


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    Hi Alma,

    Is your mattress up off the ground, or does the mattress lay on the ground? Is there space in your room for another mattress for her to sleep on?

    Once I have an idea of what your sleeping arrangement looks like I can give more information as we had our children in bed with us and had to transition each one out to their own bed and room.

    Warm regards,


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