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    Kid's Question

    Hi mums,

    Need advice on this, my daughter ask a lot of questions and always calling my attention. Just wondering if she is lack of attention or just curious on things.

    Regards to all!


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    Hi Alma,

    That's great that your daughter is always asking questions - she is obviously keen to find out about the world. At this age, children can sometimes ask questions constantly! They want to know the reason behind everything and this is generally their way of finding out how things work and it helps they develop the ability to make decisions and to reason.

    This article in Live Science: Why Kids Ask Why explains that a study found that children aged 2-5 years old ask many questions to help themselves to gather knowledge and to arrive at the truth about the world.

    So, I would get ready for a lot more questions about the world and how it works!

    Best wishes to you and your daughter,


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    Hi LJ,

    Thanks for this article as well as the other advices that you shared. It's been a great help specially this period of time on which my daughter so keen on everything around her. I'm always looking forward on your advices.

    Thanks a bunch!


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    Hi Alma,

    Laura-Jane gave you some great information. Embrace this time that your daughter is asking a lot of questions and try to answer at her level, as much as you can. I do this all the time - in the kitchen when we're making dinner, while I'm doing laundry, while I'm at the grocery store with my children, while we are in the car... whenever we are together it seems they have questions and I'm excited to teach them rather than relying on someone else who may not give them the information I want them to have.

    Warm regards,


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