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Thread: cleft lip & clect palate

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    cleft lip & clect palate

    i would like to ask about how true is this. I often hear people telling pregnant women to be careful not to fall from stairs or other higher part which might cause miscarriage but if the fall is not that worst, they said that it might cause damage to the babies mouth resulting it to be cleft lip or cleft palate.

    is this true? I once heard that our babies inside our tummy during our pregnancy were sucking their thumb which explains that if a pregnant woman fall to the ground, the impact results damage to the lips of the baby.

    i would like to ask for your medical explanation on this.

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    A cleft lip and cleft palate are congenital defects which happen during gestational development. They tend to run in families even though there is no syndrome associated within the family members.

    This leads me to believe that, once again, the health of the Grandmother affects the Mother which affects the child which affects the grand child. There are many studies which show that the health of the mother at the time of conception affects the child, and if a child is born with a constitutional weakness, it's likely that he/she will produce a child with a constitutional weakness as well.

    This is why planning for pregnancy with preconception care is so very important, and choosing to eat the right foods during pregnancy is important too.

    Taking a fall during pregnancy can cause mother to go into premature labour and baby to be born early, but baby is well protected within the womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid which helps to cushion him/her, so I'd have to say that there's no way that a fall could cause a cleft lip or cleft palate. A fall that doesn't cause mum to go into labour probably wouldn't affect the baby but it's always good to see your midwife or doctor if you are in a car accident or take a fall, just to be sure the pregnancy continues to progress well.

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    Kate pretty much summed up everything I was going to say. The baby is well-cushioned within the amniotic sac. I had a major fall during my last pregnancy and baby is A-ok, with her older brother I was a passenger in a car wreck. There were huge bruises across my stomach, but again, no issues.

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    That must have been so scary mom2many - I'm glad you and your babies were ok.

    Sara - I agree with Kate - I have worked with a number of children who have been born with a cleft palate and I know of no evidence this can be caused by a fall. Smoking in pregnancy and being overweight in pregnancy is known to increase the risk of having a baby with a cleft palate.

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    More good info. from mom2many and LJ - thanks ladies!

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    ok thank you so much for enlightening me on that issue..

    best regards to all

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    Glad you found it helpful

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