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    My sister is now on her 5th month of pregnancy. She told me that she felt itchiness on her private part and need to use hot water in washing her private part to ease that itchiness she is feeling. Is this part of her pregnancy or might be cause by other things like bacteria or what? Please help me solve her problem

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    Hi sarajed21,

    Thank you for your post.

    Vaginal itchiness is very common in pregnancy. Most frequently, it can be due to dry skin. This can be helped by making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and my antenatal teacher also advised that you can rub in a little almond or sunflower oil.

    If your sister keeps washing the area she may, in fact, dry it out further and make the itchiness worse.

    It's also best not to use perfumed bubble baths or body washes in pregnancy as the skin may be more sensitive.

    If your sister's itching continues then I would advise her checking with her doctor.

    Best wishes to your sister during the rest of her pregnancy,


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    thank you so much for that advise ms.LJ

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    I had itchiness in my vaginal area with one of my pregnancies. I went to the midwife a few times and she couldn't figure out what was causing the itch.

    Signs of a yeast infection would be a discharge with a bad odor or a discharge that looks kind of like cottage cheese. I didn't have either of these.

    What I later realized was that I had developed a reaction to the laundry soap that I was washing my underwear in. So I switched to a laundry soap with no dyes and no perfumes, and that resolved the itch.

    Your sister may also want to be sure she is getting enough Vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Drinking a day can be helpful for this if you include orange juice or fruits high in Vitamin C plus some flax oil. The green smoothie also provides needed calcium for her and her baby (calcium comes from the dark leafy greens in the smoothie).

    Feel free to post back and let us know if any of this works for your sister or not. We can come up with other ideas.

    Warm regards,


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    okey ms kate i will suggest this to her and we'll observe if it will work on her. Thank you for that suggestion ms.kate

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    You're very welcome. If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to come up with more ideas.

    Warm regards,


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