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    Infertility worries

    Iím 27 and Iím concerned about infertility. Iíve never before had an Ďaccidentí or even a Ďscareí. In my previous relationship we tried to get pregnant purposely for around 4 months with nothing. Iíve been off the pill for months and not been careful, missed the pill, everything with my ex Husband. I really want children when I find that someone to start a family with but Iím concerned that I may spend years not knowing that Iím not actually capable of having them. Is there anything I can look for or are there are any tests that could let me know?

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    Hi Melissa,

    I am sorry you are feeling worried about fertility.

    Four months is actually not that long to be trying when a couple are trying to conceive (although, I know it may feel like a long time). On average, it takes 6 months to conceive. This is when the couple are healthy and regularly having sex. The NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) recommend that a couple who are trying to conceive should be having sex at least once every two days. Generally, the medical profession would only be worried about your fertility if you had tried to conceive for 12 months without getting pregnant. If your doctor was concerned they could send for and your partner to have fertility tests which may begin with an ultrasound, blood tests and a semen test. More detailed tests could then be performed, depending on these results.

    Your age also gives no reason to have a negative effect on your fertility levels.

    Can I ask if you have regular periods?

    There are some helpful articles here about things you can do to increase your chances of falling pregnant. Studies have also shown that stress can have an effect on your chances of falling pregnant.

    Please try not to worry - we will help to support you here,

    Best wishes,

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    Hi Melissa,

    LJ asked a very good question. Do you have regular periods? I understand from another post that you are on the Pill, so my question would then become... "Did you have regular periods before you started the pill?"

    Being on the pill can actually affect fertility, and sadly I've worked with too many women who were on the pill for awhile and then had a very hard time conceiving.

    So here's what I would suggest. You'll want to learn about how to watch your body's natural fertility signs, and you can actually use this to avoid pregnancy (or have your husband/partner use a condom) so that you can wean your body off of the hormones which are truly causing a state of infertility right now.

    During this time, you can start the preconception care the LJ mentioned above in the helpful articles link she gave.

    Preconception care is something you can do as part of your daily lifestyle, even if you're not currently trying to conceive. You'll feel healthier, you'll be healthier, and you'll be that much more ready to conceive when the time is right. On top of that, you won't have to worry about whether you're fertile or not, as the preconception care can actually help regulate cycles and give you all those good signs of fertility you should naturally be seeing (if not on the Pill).

    Here's a really good thread packed with helpful information. It's entitled How To Conceive If You Have Irregular Periods, but for you, you can apply the information to regulate your cycles so that when you're ready to conceive you'll know how to watch your body's signs and you'll be able to conceive easier.

    Another thing I'd suggest you do right now is to who can guide you, can examine you, and who can order any blood tests if needed.

    Warm regards,


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