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Thread: Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths

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    Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths

    I could fill a book with all the misinformation I have heard or received over the years. I have been told that sun bathing spoils breast milk, some women only produce water rather than milk, you cannot take any antibiotics with breastfeeding, and breastfeeding while pregnant is dangerous. All of these things are clearly very silly myths. What's really scary is that all but one of these came from healthcare professionals.

    What are some unfortunate breast feeding myths that you have heard?

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    Ack! All but one came from a healthcare professional? So sad!

    Let's see... what other breastfeeding myths have I heard? How about stop breastfeeding after a year. I think that's one I hear often, and I breastfed all my children past 2 years (except one, who weaned on her own after a year, but that was due to me giving into "Grandparent pressure" and giving her a bottle when she turned 1 year old). Never made that mistake again!


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    Urgh! Breastfeeding myths drive me crazy! I have recently heard from a healthcare professional that 'there is no benefit in breastfeeding a child beyond 1 year' - well, this certainly is not what the research shows!

    So many friends of mine stopped breastfeeding very early because doctors told them they may not have enough milk, rather than helping them to get the feeding established. Urgh!!!


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