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    work and pregnancy

    hi i was wondering if anyone has any help with me about working while pregnant, i recently told my work im pregnant and the replied i have to prove it with a certifcate but i am a bit concern i work with dangerous horses n chhemicals and my job is very physical an there is llimited room in the office which are already filled i am very concerned what they are going to do with me either fire me or lay me off. does anyone have an information that would be helpful for me because i need to keep worling up until 35 weeks pregnant min. (baby cantfeed itself)

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    I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties at work during your pregnancy.

    If you work in Australia, then there is the Fair Work Act. This law means that, if you are pregnant and working with hazards, you have the legal right to be transferred to a safe working environment for you (or for changes to be made to your current working environment to make it safe). If you employer cannot or will not provide you with this then you have the right to apply for Paid No Job Leave. There is more useful information about Workplace Hazards on the Huggies Pregnancy site here. Your midwife should also be able to give you further help and support with this.

    I hope it can be resolved quickly and easily for you. Try not to get worried, as it is best to minimise stress in pregnancy. I think you are doing the right thing for you and your baby to make sure you have a safe working environment.

    Best wishes,


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