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    THick yellow fluid

    Hi. My cousin is already at her 38th week of pregnancy. Her due date was supposed to be on the 20th but she is still not giving birth until now. Last night, she felt that there was like a thick yellow fluid that came out her without urinating. She went to the lying in hospital and when they had her IE, midwives told her that she is still at 1cm. Is there any way that can make her make the opening faster?

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    If her water broke, it would be constant and it should be clear. Though, if they sent her home, I am sure they checked to make sure it was not her fluid.

    As for getting her to dilate more, is she having noticeable contractions? Is this her first baby?

    The best thing your cousin can do is relax and let nature take its course. I know it is difficult, but that is the reality of it. Other than that, I would suggest she walk, walk, walk and make love with her husband if she is up for it. The semen works as a cervical softener so she should rest for a few minutes after sex and give it time to do its job.

    Evening primrose oil inserted vaginally a few times a day may also help. Women who have had previous pregnancies dilate to 1 CM early and can remain there for quite some time. Dilation really isn't an indication of much. I have seen mother's sit at 6 CM for a week and go from 1 CM to 10 in only a few hours.

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    With my first baby I was 80% effaced and 2cm dilated and walked around like that for 2 weeks before I finally went into labour.

    With my 2nd baby I noticed a trickle of fluid going down my leg throughout the day. The midwife checked me and my bag was still in tact, so it was just large amounts of cervical fluid, not amniotic fluid.

    Mom2Many gave you lots of good suggestions. Here's a good page with tips to start labour naturally.

    And here's a page with signs of labour in case she starts to wonder how close she is to labour.

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    Thank you so much for replying. I do appreciate all of those information.

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