I am always interested to hear or read other women's birth stories. There are some really amazing and inspiring birth stories here. I find the sharing of our birth stories and pregnancy experiences really helpful and it helps to inform me to make better decisions.

I have shared my birth story with some friends but I wonder if I sometimes hold back from sharing it. Obviously, it is a very personal experience and tells part of my family's story. Also, because I experienced post traumatic stress after the birth of my son I often find myself getting emotional or (re-living parts of the birth I had forgot) during the telling of his birth story. However, I find the more I tell of my birth experiences; the better I can come to terms with them.

I particularly enjoyed reading Jane's account of Jarred's Birth as she tells the story with such honesty. That is something else I can find difficult when I am telling my birth story - I don't want to 'wash over' the intensity of the experience or trivialise it but sometimes I feel I don't have the words to describe the whole event.

I would love to hear others thoughts on this especially as I start to work with my doula to prepare and plan for my next birth.

Best wishes,