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    Did you have an inspiring breastfeeding friend/support person?

    As I have been preparing for caring for a newborn baby again, I have been thinking more about when my son was first born. I think back to the difficulties I first had with breastfeeding and how far this is from feeding my now 18 month old these days without a second thought. In those early days, when I felt lonely and overwhelmed, I had a friend who encouraged and inspired me to carry on breastfeeding.

    Her name is Liz and she has a daughter two years older than my son who she breastfed. She was the person I could text, email or even call in the middle of the night to ask for help. Liz shared some helpful on-line breastfeeding resources with me and she steered me away from some negative advice I had been given.

    I wanted to share this on this post to remind all those breastfeeding mums that we are often encouraging and helping others just by sharing our breastfeeding experiences and knowledge. Also, I wanted to say thank you to Liz! I would love to hear your stories of friends, support workers or professionals who encouraged and supported you in the early days of breastfeeding. What a difference these people can make!

    Best wishes,


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    For me it was my midwife. We were so close during my last pregnancy. Even though I ended up needing a hospital transfer, she was there for me every step of the way.

    Even now, with a 17 month old, I can call her anytime and ask questions about breastfeeding and if she does not know the answer she will direct me to someone who does. She is great. This is the longest I have ever breastfed and I do not think I would have made it this far without her positive encouragement.


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    That's wonderful mom2many. I think we all need someone like your midwife to help us on the breastfeeding journey! Happy feeding!

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