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    Vaginal Pain


    I am Charline and I am on my 24th week of pregnancy. I am experiencing vaginal pain every time I stand up, change lying position or when I am about to sit. This started during my 20th week and the pain seems to be increasing. I can walk normally but this happens at the instant I change position. It feels like my vagina is sore or tender on the inside. Is this normal? Please help.

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    Hi Charline,

    It's odd how different pregnancies can present different challenges. With some of my pregnancies, as I got further along, I had this "stabbing" pain which felt like it was in my vaginal area. It would just happen at random times. I didn't have that will all of my pregnancies, but I know I had it with more than one. It was nothing to be concerned with, and probably had something to do with the way the baby was positioned in my womb.

    I wonder if your pain is related to ligaments stretching, as it is increasing as your belly gets bigger, and it is happening when you change position.

    I will ask our resident midwife, Jane, to take a look at your question to see if she has any further insight. My guess is that if you're not experiencing any signs of infection (i.e. smelly discharge, itching or burning) that it may not be cause for concern.

    We talked about Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy in another thread, so you may want to read through that to see if you can learn more.

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    Thank you Kate!

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    I experienced sharp, stabbing pains in my cervical area with my last two babies. Especially the most recent one. I assumed it was a bit of early dilation and/or baby's position, as women tend to dilate earlier with subsequent children. I had a normal pregnancy and relatively normal birth, so I agree with Kate that it is likely a non-issue if you are not having additional infection-related symptoms.

    I can remember these pains clearly with baby 4. They began late 2nd/early 3rd trimester and at times they were so great I had to sit down. They only lasted a minute or less and occurred rarely.

    Just wanted to chime in and let you know that a similar sensation was normal for me. =)


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