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    Breast Milk Expiration

    I am quite curious on this for quite some time now. Most working mums who have babies just pump up their milk and leave it for the baby to feed on later. I'm just curious as to how long would the breast milk last if it's left in room temperature? How about when you freeze it in the freezer, would it still be safe to feed it to your baby? And for how long can it be frozen and still be fed? Thanks girls! Any thoughts on this would be great!

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    Thank you for your question.

    La Leche League International currently have these guidelines for how long expressed breast milk lasts:

    -At room temperature for 4 hours (ideal) to 6 hours (acceptable), some sources state up to 8 hours is acceptable.
    -In the fridge for 3 days (ideal) to 8 days (acceptable).
    -In the freezer for 6 months (ideal) up to 12 months (acceptable).

    You are right, many working mums do express milk so that their little one can still have the health benefits of the breast milk whilst they are at work. Lots of working mums also breastfeed their child (on the breast) before and after work.

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