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    Does anyone know what to do

    Hi there,ive got 4 children all were delivered by c-section.
    recently ive been trying for a boy in the last year ive had 3 misscarriages,after the last misscarriage in mid march this year i havent fallen pregnant at all,the 3 misscarriages were from low hcg levels all my other pregnancies have been normal.i was also told i have low levels of cardilipion but when i was tested again with my last baby i had the doc told me they showed up normal,so what can i do to get pregnant and keep the baby,i would love to hear from anyone with some ideas.

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    I am sorry for your losses. I've experienced two miscarriages myself and I know they are so difficult. There are several articles on the forum that are related to miscarriage and may help you to get past some of your feelings and learn more about why they may be happening.

    Do you mind if I ask how old you are? Also, how old is your youngest child? I am assuming you've had all three of these miscarriages in the past year. Maybe you should take some time to let your body heal. Healing from a cesarean birth can be particularly long term. Additionally, there may be some residual scar tissue making it difficult for a good implantation to occur. Doesn't mean it won't happen, but taking some time out to relax and following a fertility-friendly diet rich in folic acid may help.

    Best of luck,

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    hi mom2many thanks for repling to my add im 29 years old and my youngest daughter is 16 months old.the gp who signed me out said that the c-section went real good nothing to worry about and said i am very lucky also that when he was operating he couldnt see much scare tissue for what i should have had taking in count i had 3 c-sections before hand,ive had ultarsounds that show that everything down below are normal and they cant find a reason with me being on asprin why im not falling or following through with my pregnancy

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    Natural progesterone cream can be very beneficial for women who have had children, and then have experienced multiple miscarriages due to low hCG levels. I have a dear friend that benefited tremendously from natural progesterone cream. She had 6 children, and had 6 miscarriages. She was 43 years old by that time. A friend told her about natural progesterone cream, so she started using it, and the next month she conceived (used the cream throughout the entire pregnancy) and gave birth to a full term, healthy baby, at 44 years of age.

    I'd encourage you to learn more about the benefits of natural progesterone cream.

    Please post back with any questions or comments you may have.

    Warm regards,


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    Hello Worried,

    When you said that you have low levels of cardilipion, did you mean low levels of cardiolipin? I'm also curious as to what the test results were on the "low level" and what the test result was on the "normal level". Here's a page with more information:

    Something else that struck me is that you just mentioned that you are 29 years old, and I noticed you said you've been trying to conceive a boy for 3 months and haven't been able to conceive. Trying for a boy is much easier than trying to sway the odds of conceiving a girl, because you're making love during the highest fertile days of your cycle.

    So my next question would be... are you seeing really good signs of fertility, and is your fertile mucus really stretchy (4 inches or more) when you're attempting to conceive? Are you also using an ovulation predictor tests, and if so, what are those results looking like?

    The more you can share with me, the better I can help pinpoint what is happening so that you can conceive and carry a bub to term faster.

    Warm regards,


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    hi kate,all the gp told me was the cardilipion test just touched a low positive.i have moved state so as of now im seeing a new gp which is a shame because she really doesnt know my past pregnancies or any results,she did say though that if i take a baby asprin each day for the first 3 months that should thin my blood and help me carry a baby,also to take it everyday even if im not pregnant,i got abit concerned and contacted my old gp yesterday he told me they tested me for cardilipion again while i was pregnant with my last daughter and it then had a negative result he said it could have been it showed a pos result because in the first 6 wks of being pregnant it can give a pos result so he said i might not have at all had it,i did do the fertile stretchy test when i last ovulated and it did stretch properly in between my fingers.i have never used a ovulation test ive always been able to fall pregnant really easy,its just after my last daughter that ive been having troubles,ive always misscarried very easy as they had me on high risk with every pregnancy,but since my last its like something has happened where i was conceieving than the minute i did a test 3/5 days later i would star bleeding,even taking the asprin

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    Hi, have you had your thyroid levels (tsh and free t4 especially) checked? I developed hypothyroidism after my first pregnancy but have a friend who developed it after her 6th. Anyway, as this thread is 9 months old I hope you have resolved problems already!

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