Hello All,

My name is Adaline and I am around 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby. My experience has been unique, unlike many mums I was not able to get excited and spread the news of my upcoming baby because I am young, unmarried and I knew my parents would greatly disapprove. I actually hid my pregnancy until about two weeks ago.

Despite hiding my pregnancy, I have been eating very healthy foods since I found out. I have abstained from smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and sweets. I was not sure until recently if I wanted to keep this baby or give it up for adoption, but what I did know is that I wanted it to have the best start possible.

I finally decided that I want to keep the baby. My parents were angry with me at first, though I think a lot of their anger had to do with waiting so long to tell them anything. I have an appointment next week for a scan and checkup to make sure the little one is healthy.

The only problem is that I am afraid that something might be wrong with my baby since I have not seen an OB this whole time. I am also still apprehensive about becoming a mum. I am only 18. The father is completely out of the picture and doesn't know anything about the pregnancy. I was hoping to find some reassurance and positive stories on this forum. I hope that speaking with some other open-minded mums will help me to figure out what to do next and fill me with the confidence that I can do this.