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    Worried Mum

    It has been eight months since my second babies birth and I have been breastfeeding for three months and now I only feed during the night, I have not got my periods but on and off I came across times that I saw blood stains on my undergarments, just want to know whether this is normal or something I should be more concerned about?

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    Though I am not a midwife, I would imagine it's probably nothing too serious. Are you on any sort of hormonal birth control? The reason I ask is that something known as breakthrough bleeding, wherein you may spot a little bit from time to time, is pretty common.

    Even if you are not using hormonal birth control, it is likely a non-issue. Do you have any other symptoms? Pain or itching?

    Our resident midwife Jane should see this soon and provide you with a more thorough answer.


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    I, too, would tend to say that if you're not on hormonal birth control, and your cycles were always regular before your pregnancy, that the spotting is probably just from the breastfeeding, even though you are only breastfeeding part time.

    I had a friend who's cycles didn't come back until her child was 2 1/2 years old. She obviously wasn't breastfeeding full time the entire 2 1/2 years - yet it took over 2 years for her cycles to return. Then there are people like me who breastfeed full time and get their cycles back between 3-6 months after giving birth. We're all different

    Warm regards,


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    Hello mom8months,

    I had the same experience as yours when i had my babies. After around two to three months since giving birth, i find some blood stains on my undies. With my first child, I did get worried. So I did ask the gynecologist about it. She said it was fine and that many mothers go through that stage. There are even those who may not find such stains yet get their cycles back after around a year. Quite unbelievable but true as the doctor explains.

    Anyway, all i can say is seeking medical attention is a good move especially for us. We don't want to get sick attending to the needs of our family would we?



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    Sorry for my late reply to this thread - I would not be concerned. Even breastfeeding only over night can stop your periods from occuring. If you are taking the mini pill this can cause the bleeding you are experiencing. If you aren't taking hormonal birth control the bleeding still shouldn't be anything to be concerned about. If concerned make an appointment to see your doctor for a check up.
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