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    Why am I not conceiving?

    I am 34 and have 2 girls aged 2 and 3. My eh and I have been trying conceive for 5 months. We fell pregnant very easily with our first 2 but not this time. My cycle has changed in the last 6 month. Very long cycles, (normally 32) days but now more like 45. I am not even sure if/when I am ovulating. Usually I can tell with CM changes, I have never charted anything before because that was very reliable. Now, I do not have the same egg white CM that I usually get during ovulation - slight changes, but not like usual. The first day of my last period was 1/6/12 and I am still not sure if I have ovulated yet.

    Has anyone else had changes like this in their cycle and conceived? I am worried the might be something wrong.


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    Hi TIA,

    The lack of good "egg white" quality cervical mucus is just one sign that your hormones are out of balance. The lack of regular cycles is another.

    My first thought is that you may have developed PCOS. You may want to rule this out either by having the doctor look at your ovaries by a scan, or by taking an online test which will help you to determine whether you have it or not. The PCOS test would be a good "first step".

    My second thought is that you could be peri-menopausal. When I was your age, I had a difficult time conceiving, so I worked closely with my nutritionist, who said I was peri-menopausal. I had regular cycles, but I wasn't ovulating. We were able to turn it around so that I was able to conceive again (I had 2 more children, my last just a month before my 41st birthday).

    The average age of menopause in Australia is between 51-52 years of age. The average age in the USA is 52 1/2 years of age. Yet I've talked to a number of women who said they went through menopause in their mid 30's. Each woman is different - some earlier, some later.

    Go ahead and take the PCOS online test and let me know your results. If it's looking like there could be a connection between your absent cycles and PCOS, then be sure to list the areas that the test found, that could be contributing to the challenge.

    I can give more information once we look into the PCOS and try to rule it out.

    Warm regards,


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