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    My daughter (8 months old) always has problem when slowing food, she chokes when drinking breast milk, eating solids when drinking water. Therefore I find it very difficult to feed her. Want to know whether this is normal or an issue my daughter is having and in that case is there any remedy for this problem

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    Hi mom8months,

    Does your daughter 'choke' when she drinks breast milk from the breast or when it is expressed or both? Also when, you say she chokes can you describe this further? Is it more of a gag which then settles down or does she cough up food and milk and need you to gently tap her on the back?

    The reason, I ask this is because in the helpful book Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley, the author explains how babies can gag when they have something in their mouth they are not expecting. So if you tried to start spoon feeding a baby who had previously been exclusively breastfed then the baby may gag because they do not know what to expect on the spoon (i.e. how liquidy it is, the mouth-feel and texture etc). Although this gagging can seem concerning at first to parents the baby is not choking but dealing with the food in their mouth and learning to move it around. This is one of the reasons Rapley advocates baby led weaning rather than spoon feeding a baby.

    Another reason a baby can sound like they are choking is if the 'let-down' from the breast is particularly forceful. Is this a recent problem for your daughter (i.e. since you have started to wean her) or one that has always troubled her? Some bottles also allow the liquid through quicker than a baby can drink it.

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope some of this information is useful to you.

    Best wishes,


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    Hello Mom8Months,

    LJ has given you some very good information. If you think that the choking is simply due to a new texture, or that she is taking the liquid too quickly, then that can be easily adjusted to help your daughter stop gagging/choking.

    However, if you are concerned that it could be a structural problem (something not right in the mouth) Craniosacral Therapy can be very helpful.

    Here's a video that shows how Craniosacral Therapy can help a bub go from gagging when a finger is offered to suck on, to being able to suck on the finger without gagging. You'll notice that the therapist first tests how flexible the baby's head is, so she knows better what to work on. All therapists treat a little differently, and this one tended to be a little more aggressive than others I've seen. Our entire family has seen an Osteopath who specializes in craniosacral therapy and we've all seen excellent results from it.

    Here's another thread in this forum called Bub Gags When Eating. You may find some helpful information there too.

    My guess is that your child may just be taking the liquids too quickly or maybe she's just not ready for food yet. That would be my guess, being that you didn't use the word "gag" but you used the word "choke".

    Warm regards,


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