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    Views on Contraceptives

    Hello Guys,

    Would just want to know about what your views are regarding the use of contraceptives. I have 3 children and although I am "for" life, I believe that I have enough children to care for already. Natural methods, according to some of my friends may give you less or no side effects if you wish not to get pregnant anymore but is absolutely not reliable. Most of my friends would advice the use of contraceptives. They say the use of this stuff has a high rate of not getting pregnant anymore. However, your health may be at risk too.

    Could you give me your views on the use of contraceptives? Are you against them totally or are you somehow considering it to be used by yourself or by others in some cases?

    Would really want to know before I decide with my gynecologist.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We have used natural family planning for our entire marriage (28 years) and I'm now peri-menopausal and having periods only about every 5 months or so at 48 years of age.

    As you mentioned, hormonal birth control definitely does have health risks associated with it so I would stay away from that. When I was doing some research on the Depo shot, I was literally amazed at how many women, who were having a hard time getting pregnant (and who were infertile) had been on the Depo shot, and how many of them blamed the depo shot for their problem. I read over and over and over again where women would say it was a shame that the doctors don't tell you ahead of time that you could have trouble getting pregnant when you're ready to. I was so sad to hear them saying that... and I've run into plenty of women who experienced secondary infertility (were able to get pregnant with their first baby easily, and then experienced infertility and couldn't get pregnant with the next).

    The IUD causes a low grade infection as part of the way it works. But all hormonal birth control AND the IUD can actually cause an early abortion IF you happen to conceive. Some have higher risks of this happening than others, but you'll likely never know you actually conceived and lost a baby by using any of them.

    For some, even condoms are avoided for Biblical reasons (spilling the seed), but this form of birth control does not cause an early abortion or carry health risks.

    We used the Billing's Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning which, in practice, is99.64% effective in practice.

    I just created a post with more information on the Billing's Ovulation Method, but it's awaiting moderation at the moment. I must have placed too many links

    I will link to it once I know it's posted.

    Warm regards,

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