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    New cot mattress for new baby?


    As most of your on here know I have a toddler (18 months) and am pregnant with our second baby (22 weeks). Until recently, we co-slept with my son (in our double bed) although he sometimes also slept in the cot which attaches to our bed (it is like a 'side car': a co-sleeper cot). I am wondering if it would be best to buy a new mattress for this co-sleeper cot as the new baby may spend some time in it. I have heard that it is best to buy a new mattress when you have a new baby to help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. However, I also believe that sleeping close to your baby helps to reduce this risk and the mum is then more naturally 'in-tune' with the babies sleeping patterns.

    What are your thoughts on if I need to purchase a new mattress for the co-sleeping cot (which I am happy to do if it is best) given we plan for the new baby to be spending a significant amount of time co-sleeping in our bed? Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi LJ,

    Typically a cot mattress won't show significant signs of failure/support even if it is used with 2 or 3 children. If the mattress is made of foam, there could very well be off-gassing/out-gassing of chemicals from the foam, which is not healthy for you or bub. I noticed that some co-sleepers have an organic mattress option with rubber core. I know that rubber has a very strong smell, and I can't even sleep in a room with rubber because it is so strong. Not sure if it's off-gassing or nor, but it sure smells strong.

    If you're concerned about how supportive the mattress will be for bub, then you may want to purchase one and let it off-gas in the garage before baby arrives. If you think the mattress is still plenty supportive, then you may not need a new one. I'd determine the need by what kind of shape the original mattress is in.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks Kate - that's very helpful.

    My toddler has hardly slept in the co-sleeper mattress as he has mainly been in our bed! So it is in excellent condition. My main concern was with if there was any increased risk of SIDS with not getting a new mattress for a new baby but I understand this risk is minimal as we plan to be breastfeeding and (safely) co-sleeping.

    Thanks again,


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