As most of your on here know I have a toddler (18 months) and am pregnant with our second baby (22 weeks). Until recently, we co-slept with my son (in our double bed) although he sometimes also slept in the cot which attaches to our bed (it is like a 'side car': a co-sleeper cot). I am wondering if it would be best to buy a new mattress for this co-sleeper cot as the new baby may spend some time in it. I have heard that it is best to buy a new mattress when you have a new baby to help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. However, I also believe that sleeping close to your baby helps to reduce this risk and the mum is then more naturally 'in-tune' with the babies sleeping patterns.

What are your thoughts on if I need to purchase a new mattress for the co-sleeping cot (which I am happy to do if it is best) given we plan for the new baby to be spending a significant amount of time co-sleeping in our bed? Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes,