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Thread: How soon does and EVAP Line appear?

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    Question How soon does and EVAP Line appear?

    Does anyone know how soon after the time stated for the result to appear can an evap line appear?

    For instance, I have 2 different brands of early pregnancy tests and both show an extremely faint line. The thing is these lines developed pretty much from the 5 minute mark, so as long as it takes to show a result.

    I have googled and read that this can happen with a positive especially before AF is late but the box does say to disregard anything after 5 minutes... I don't know exactly how long it was as it wasn't a digital clock but it was about 5 minutes i could see the lines then sure they were there between 6 and 10 minutes, they haven't changed since.

    Love to hear your opinions!

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    Hi ladylotus,

    Different tests have different accuracy levels and will show the EVAP line in different (clinically agreed) time limits. Therefore, you should follow the instructions for the specific tests you have - it is only really reliable if the result shows up within the time limit of the instructions for that test. Here is an article on evaporation lines which you may find helpful.

    I'm sorry I cannot give you a definitive answer on this. I would advise repeating the test in a few days. If a EVAP line shows (no matter how faint it is) within the time limit on the instructions for this test then this is a positive result. The other thing you could do is have a blood test at your doctors (to look for the hCG hormone which is produced in pregnancy) as this can show a positive result sooner (from the date of conception) than a urine test.

    I wish you all the best with conceiving.

    Please do let us know how you get on,


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    Hello LadyLotus,

    If I had to say one way or another, I'd say that both tests are showing a positive result. The reason I'd say this is because you used two different brands of tests, AND because all of my pregnancy test lines never went away.

    My midwife says that she will take a reading up to 30 minutes later, so she disregards the "5 minute" rule altogether.

    I got a positive pregnancy test after 30 minutes with one of my pregnancies. But then 2 days later the test showed negative and I started my period 3 days later than normal. I had been pregnant but experienced a very early miscarriage that I never would have known about had I not tested.

    I also had a situation at one time where I got that evaporation line every time I had a negative test. It was frustrating, and the only reason I purchased that brand was because my husband worked for the company that distributed them and we got them for a great price. I have since used many other brands, and if the test is negative, it's white and there's simply no way to see even a shadow of a line. If it's positive I'll get that shadow line or a very faint line.

    Also, I enjoyed testing every 2 days once I got that faint line to see if the line was getting noticeably darker. As the line progressively got darker (it will only be very slightly darker each time), I knew that my hCG levels were increasing which is what's needed to sustain pregnancy.

    If you test again and you find that you get a lighter line or no line at all, my guess would be that you had a very early miscarriage.

    Hope that my experiences help you better understand whether you're pregnant or not. Please post back letting us know how you're doing and if you decided to take another test or not. I'm anxious to know how you're doing.

    Warm regards,


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