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Thread: Too much vomitting in breastfed babies

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    Too much vomitting in breastfed babies


    I have been a mum for ten years and this topic I am about to discuss is about my sister's eldest son of 1 and a half and his little baby brother. These cute little kids are born through caesarian birth and were breastfed during their first six months. However, I have never encountered, in my many years of being a mother, having babies who vomit almost every after they feed milk. Whether my sister's babies feed on breastmilk straight from the mother's or through a bottle, they spit out milk almost all the time. It happened to her eldest and now it is happening to her second baby too.

    It was not a problem to the couple though, my sister and her husband, mainly because their pedia was fine with it and that they say that their babies are doing okay and healthy. They don't shake them or play with them after every feed. It was not really a big deal to me because they are all fine, it's just that is this normal?

    Why do some babies vomit milk almost every after they are fed?

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    There are many different reasons why babies will burp up or vomit milk after a feed.

    For me, I found that if my baby had a bubble of air in her tummy, and then took a feed on top of it, that as soon as I put her up on my shoulder to burp her, the bubble would come up, and all the milk on top of it.

    Some of my other bubs would just do a little spit up after feeds, when I burped them, but not a projectile vomit.

    Some bubs have reflux which causes them to vomit after feeds, and some are allergic to the milk they are drinking.

    Having a baby who vomits can be stressful for mum because it means changing clothes more often, and cleaning up more often. Sometimes Craniosacral therapy can help, especially after a C-Section, and chiropractic care as well.

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    There could be many reasons, for one, they could be allergic to something in the mother's diet. It could be eggs, milk, peanut butter, etc. Any of the things mentioned by Kate could also be at play. I had one child who spit up quite frequently, but the doctor said it was normal. If the baby is growing and developing, it may be normal for them.

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    Hello everybody,

    Your replies were very helpful. I told my sister about what all of you mentioned in the thread, and she found it very useful and eased up her worries.

    She admitted though that the probable reason why they do spit milk out almost every after feed is because they are fed only after they have cried a lot. She believes that when a baby cries a lot, the bub's tummy starts to produce gastric juices that then creates an upset stomach. An upset stomach, most of the time, does not take in food easily and instead "kicks" food out. Well, she believes that is the reason why that happens; I believe that she may need to seek a specialist.

    Once again thank you all.

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    I have some friends who breastfeed their babies who have reflux and they say that sitting the baby up after the feed (sometimes for up to 30 minutes) helps with this. Breastfeeding in certain, more upright, positions is also better for babies who have reflux (e.g. the 'rugby ball hold'). If your sister suspects it is reflux then it would be best if she mentioned this to the paediatrician. If it is not reflux, then these positions can still be helpful. As can checking if the baby needs to burp after a feed.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi MumO'Three,

    Thanks for the update. Do you know why the babies are crying a lot before being fed?


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