Hi, I feel a little silly about positing this, but I am really worried because I am finally pregnant after multiple failed ivf cycles, and I am worried that I may have done something wrong. I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have been so careful with my diet but last night a had a few friends come over for dinner and I made chicken fajitas. I had the chicken cooking on the stove top and turned it off when ready. My dinner guests were late so we didn't eat until 20-30 min later, by then the chicken was luke warm. I was so tired I didn't think to reheat it and we ate it. I am now worried about listeria as I understand that I have to eat food piping hot especially chicken. I hope I am just being too paranoid. Apologies for the silly question, Is there a risk of listeria in this situation? I guess I am extra panicky given the difficult and long journey it took us to get pregnant.