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    Post Severe dysmenorrhea and reproductive system diseases.

    Is it possible that severe dysmenorrhea can lead to certain diseases or complications of the reproductive system? A friend of mine, who is a nurse, told me it is possible that these painful periods I experience every month may not just be painful periods at all. He said that it could be due to a certain underlying condition, or it may lead to complications such as endometriosis and the like. I haven't talked to any professional person yet regarding this issue.

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    I would try to change my diet and lifestyle for a couple of months to see if the pain decreases. If it doesn't, then I would talk to the doctor about having some blood work done and possibly have an ultrasound of the fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus to be sure you don't have Endometriosis or anything else that could be causing the severity of the dysmenorrhea.

    I have a friend who had very painful periods, but her scan showed everything was normal. However, she had a very difficult time conceiving.

    I have another friend who had painful periods, and when she went for a scan, it showed that she had Endometriosis.

    Changing your diet and lifestyle is a really good first step towards a healthier reproductive system. If you'd like more ideas on how to do this, post back what you typically eat and drink during the week and I'll make some suggestions for improvement.

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    Hi, Kate!

    Yes, I thought of changes in diet a factor. I started eating a lot of vegetables and fruits now than before. And a friend of mine suggested I do exercise, and I guess that'll help as well. If all else fail, then I must see my doctor about it since I've been concerned about this for quite some time now. Thanks for the helpful advice.


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