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    doesn't want to have another baby

    I already have four children and I don't want to have another one.
    May I know what is the best safer way to do?
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    One of the best ways to naturally avoid conception is to learn how to watch your body's natural fertility signs. My husband and I avoided pregnancy for 7 years using this method and I know this method very well.

    Please let me know how old you are and I will give more detailed information about this method next week, as I am heading out of town for 4 days and will return Tuesday.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Kate,

    I'm 36 years old now. I'd love to hear from you soon!



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    Hello HavingAPrincess,

    I created a separate thread to discuss Natural Birth Control & Natural Family Planning.

    The key to avoiding pregnancy naturally is to be sure you stop having sex the day you notice the first signs of fertility (as soon as your mucus changes). Then you'll want to abstain until 2 days after ovulation. This is typically about 7 days in total, however as we age, our fertile window becomes shorter, and sometimes we're only fertile for a day or two.

    Knowing how to watch your fertile signs is super important when trying to avoid pregnancy naturally and Natural Family Planning can be just as effective as The Pill when done correctly.

    Take a look at that other thread and post back with any questions.

    Warm regards,


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