After 2 losses, they decided to put in a cervical suture.

I had it put in Tues, under general anaesthetic, with an overnight stay in hospital. I have been released from hospital with instructions to just take it easy for a week, i'm not confined to bed rest, and have been told after a week to just forget its there and do everything i would normally do... did anyone else find this was the case when they have had this procedure? I've even been told by the ob that intercourse is fine in a couple of weeks aswell - i thought with something like this that intercourse would be a definite no no.

I had some bleeding while i was in hospital, which by wed night, had just decreased to blood in discharge, over the next few days, i still had blood in my discharge, and was a pinky brownish colour. This has happened on and off, and isn't there every time.

Last night (Fri) i started to experience bad lower back pain on the left side, the pain after a while continued around to my lower left stomach, then had a sharp pain where my leg joins my body. It was a constant pain, wasn't coming or going, and after taking a panadol gradually eased off so i could get some sleep, then woke up pain free.

As the day has gone on, i've experienced slight pain in my lower back, but it doesn't seem too bad at the moment.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant. Is lower back pain like this normal at this stage of pregnancy? Or has anyone else experienced any pain or much bleeding after having a cervical suture put in?

I hoping it may be nothing, or just normal, but because of previous losses (one at 17 weeks) i stress over any little pain i get. I experienced lower back pain, and lower abdominal pain just before i lost my last bub, but that pain came in waves and wasn't constant like this one.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... don't get to see the ob until wed.