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    how to get my son off the bottle

    hello I have a son who just turned 1 we just started him on soild foods and milk at bed time we are trying to use the cup during the day. every time i give him the solid food he throws it down only screaming for the bottle but he is not on formula anymore how do i get him away from the bottle during the day and get him to eat more solid foods.
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    Hello Rebeccamommyof2,

    According to the Baby Led Weaning approach, food is for fun until they are one. Having said that, your will continue to need a lot of milk until he is eating more solids. I would suggest that you try introducing solids to him one hour after he has had a full feeding of milk (by breast or bottle). This means that he will not be super hungry, but he will be hungry enough that he would like to experiment with the food.

    Here's a video of a 1 year old who is transitioned to solids with baby led weaning. Thought you might enjoy watching this.

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