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Thread: son in so much pain

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    son in so much pain

    my son started drinking regular milk on his first birthday which was around a little over a week ago, since then hes has not been going number 2 regular he is so constipated he screams in so much pain. what should i do to tell him be more regular

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    Hi Rebeccamommyof2,

    If your son is in pain and is constipated from the cow milk, you need to stop it right away. If he is used to breastmilk or formula then put him back on that for now. After you give him a full feed of formula, wait an hour, and then offer him some softened, reconstituted prunes. These usually come dehydrated. Just put one in a cup of water and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Once it has softened nicely, you'll be able to cut it up into small pieces. Mush a piece between your fingers so you can tell that it is soft enough. If your son has had baby food, then get some pureed prunes and offer those to him. Prunes and fruit in general will help to start to get the bowels moving again.

    Another thing you can do is to get a suppository that you can gently put into your baby's rectum. This can also help to get the bowels moving again.

    I left you another message on how to wean your son here. When you are ready to try moving him off of breast milk or formula again, you'll either want to be sure he is having plenty of prunes, fruit and vegetables to avoid constipation, or your son simply may not be able to tolerate the cow milk very well. I have a child who could not tolerate cow milk so I found goat milk for him. Cows have 4 stomachs so they can digest their mother's cow milk well. Goats have only one stomach (like we do) so we find that humans can digest goat milk much easier. Just note that with goat milk, the fresher you get it the better. You can freeze it (we do) but if you let it sit for a few days you will notice it takes on a "goaty" flavor. Your son may not care, at 1 year of age, but if you try it yourself, you'll notice it tastes much better the fresher it is.

    Please post back and let us know when he has a bowel movement. It's important for his little body to be moving those toxins out of the body, and you may find that you have a very cranky baby when he's not going regularly. The goal is for them to be soft, and not hard pellets.

    Warm regards,


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    Dear Rebeccamommyof2,

    Just checking in with you to see if things have got any better with your son doing a poo.

    Super advice from Kate above. Was your son having breast milk or formula milk before he swapped to cows milk? Is he still having some of either of these now? It sounds like the swap to cows milk may have been too sudden.

    I can really sympathise with you as my toddler has experienced constipation in the past. It was horrible; he was screaming and trying not to poo. The problem can become a vicious cycle because the child does not want to poo (after finding it uncomfortable) and so tries to wait and then the poo becomes harder and more solid inside them and so is more difficult to pass and uncomfortable....

    Useful ways I found to break this cycle included allowing my son to poo in a warm bath. He was more relaxed in the bath and so found it easier. Also, often toddlers are constipated when they are not drinking enough water so you need to encourage your son to have lots of drinks of water throughout the day. This really solved it for us and my son is now totally fine.

    When a toddler is constipated it is also helpful to look at their diet in terms of the food they are eating. Bananas and foods high in fibre (such as wholemeal bread) can actually absorb water and so add to the constipation problem. It is best to avoid these for now and make sure your toddler is eating plenty of fruits like strawberries, apples, pears, oranges etc. You could make these into a smoothie if he would prefer.

    I hope things quickly get better for your son. If they do not, I would take him to see your health professional.

    Best wishes,

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