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Thread: My Wife's Diet

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    My Wife's Diet

    I am really concerned with my wife's eating habit. My wife used to have a good appetite before she got pregnant. Now that she's pregnant, it is alarming for me that she's just not that into eating that much! In fact, instead of gaining weight my wife is loosing weight. She does take her vitamins and does drink pregnancy milk, in no luck, her weight just keeps on dropping. Can you guys give me an advice of what I should do to get her appetite back? I forgot to mention that she hates taking that ferrous sulfate that our OB prescribed. She often misses it because she's saying that it gives her unnatural bowel movement.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Hello Hans,

    I noticed in another post that you said your wife is now in her 4th month of pregnancy. At this point she will likely start to gain some weight. Baby is still very small, so "baby weight" is negligible but baby will start to put on weight more quickly now.

    It is very common for a woman to lose weight during the first 3 or 4 months of pregnancy when she is nauseous and sometimes vomiting from major hormonal changes in her body. With my first pregnancy, I was very nauseous until the middle of the 5th month when it finally started to taper off.

    Until the nausea starts to recede, I would encourage your wife to eat foods that have a higher caloric count but also foods that are good for her blood type.

    I just created a post for another husband who is concerned about his wife's underweight pregnancy. Read through that and let me know if it helps.

    Do you know what your wife's blood type is? Sometimes focusing on foods that are healing for the body can be very helpful.

    I'd also like to know more about why she is not eating. What is causing the lack of appetite. Is it nausea or is it something else?

    As for the ferrous sulfate (iron), there are natural iron supplements which do not cause constipation and are much easier on the body. But iron is very hard on the stomach and really must be taken with food in order to not CAUSE nausea. I'll give you more ideas on how your wife can get more natural iron in her diet when I hear back from you.

    Warm regards,


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    Here's a super great video where a pregnant mum shows you a smoothie recipe that is packed full of naturally occurring iron. This can be drunk in place of any iron supplements. Just goes to show how many different ingredients you can put in a smoothie. The frozen fruit makes it taste good.

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    I see, I am relieved upon reading your response. Because of your answers from my other posts I am somehow figured out my problem! I will try to read the thread that you wanted me to go to, I will answer all the questions as soon as you can. Thank you and I loved the video

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    Hi Hans,

    Please let us know if your wife tried a green smoothie or if she's making any changes and how it's going.

    Warm regards,


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    Hello again Hans,

    I remember during the first 3 to 4 months of my pregnancy - with my 3 kids - I too lost weight instead of gaining. Due to the fact that there is life inside of a pregnant mum would simply mean she should be gaining some pounds. At first, which means during my first pregnancy, my appetite was not that good at all. I was nauseating and had that feeling that something in my throat was making me NOT want to eat. I even had this even all through out my pregnancy. I even had a supply of bananas just to relieve that "icky" something in my throat. The bananas relieved me though.

    TO make it short, I would suggest that aside from confiding with your doctor, you may want to try finding ways to make her want to eat, even in small amounts of healthy food. Don't worry though because as long as your physician tells you that nothing is wrong with what your wife is experiencing, then soon enough she will start gaining weight and will have that fondness again of eating again.

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    Another mum told me that she would eat a banana each morning before getting out of bed and it helped with her morning sickness.

    I tried it and it helped me too. I found that different things helped with each pregnancy.


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    I kept a supply of food with me in bed (and at all times actually) when I suffered with morning sickness with my oldest. I found that eating little and often was the best way to prevent myself being sick and, therefore, to not be losing weight.


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