Hi There

I am really hoping someone might shed some light on this dilemma I am currently facing. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. I have, in the past month, eaten two or more products that have just recently been recalled for possible listeria contamination. The products are frozen breakfast wraps and lasagna. The company, (Amy's Kitchen) has said that the spinach may be contaminated with listeria and have since recalled all of these products out of precaution. Of course, when I consumed these products I was completely unaware, as was the company, about the possible contamination. When I phoned the company to get more info, they said that their spinach supplier had found the presence of listeria in their spinach and have since recalled it.

I am now incredible fearful that I have consumed listeria and may become infected. It has been at least a couple weeks since I have eaten these products, and have not had any real symptoms. The only symptoms I have had, were mild fever (37.6 Celsius) and muscle/joint aches for 2 days about a week and a half ago. However that was accompanied by runny nose and congestion, as well as a productive cough (which I still have). When I went to my doctor today, she ordered a blood test to be done, (which takes around 5 days to get the results) and in the meantime, 2 non-stress tests for the baby. I am hoping that someone might be able to shed some more light on the likelihood of me contracting listeria from these products, and if so, the likelihood of getting sick from it. The products were frozen and cooked at the time of consumption, so I am hoping that having cooked them in the microwave, that may have killed off any potential exposure to the listeria bacteria?

Is there anything else I should be looking out for? Could my baby still get sick if I don't have any symptoms? Should I have my blood tested more than once until I deliver? Any suggestions, evidence or support would be greatly appreciated as I am very concerned about this and very upset.