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    Hi Ladies

    Can a women over 35 40 years conceive, if so is there any risk involved to the mother or the baby.

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    Yes a woman of this age can conceive and many women do so and experience happy and uneventful pregnancies.

    However, there are some extra risks/ problems involved for older mums. One of these is the chance of conceiving in the first place - which unfortunately decreases with age. At age 30-35 the average likelihood of conceiving is around 63% and this falls to 52% for the 35-39 age bracket. This is largely because the number of eggs you have declines with age.

    The other problem which can occur with getting pregnant over the age of 35, is the quality of your eggs. This is why miscarriage rates rise with age and the likelihood of having a baby who has Downs Syndrome also increases.

    However, there is a big difference in these risks for age 35 compared to age 40. Also, at all these ages many women do have healthy, happy pregnancies and babies.

    I wish you all the best.

    Best wishes,


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    I had my 4th baby when I was 37, and my 5th baby just a month shy of my 41st baby. Both babies were healthy and both pregnancies were uneventful for me (which is a good thing). I was able to have both babies at home, and gave birth in the water.

    My 3rd baby was born when I was 34, and he was born with a congenital heart defect. I am convinced that the quality of egg and sperm at conception plaid a big part in his heart defect, as I had been dieting and eating foods that were lower in fat, but also higher in chemicals (which manufacturers use to make the foods taste good and have a better texture when they reduce the fat). Lesson learned the hard way, and now I avoid all of the "diet" foods that taste good and I read labels on all packaged foods before purchasing. I also eat a highly organic diet now. Preconception nutrition is so very important for any woman who is considering having a baby - no matter what the age.

    Miscarriage rates tend to increase as maternal age increases, and I had two very early miscarriage between my 4th and 5th babies. Those miscarriages were so early that had I not tested with a sensitive early pregnancy test, I would not have even known I had conceived.

    I have a friend who had 6 miscarriages, but when someone shared with her about how natural progesterone cream can help sustain pregnancy, she tried it, conceived the next month, and carried that baby to term, giving birth when she was 44 years old.

    Women in their mid 30's and 40's can conceive and give birth to healthy babies with the right pre-conception care.

    Warm regards,


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