I am having this frequent argument with my husband about my baby's apparent constipation. Well, that is just what my husband believes since the baby doesn't have bowel movement every day though I have read in some websites that it's still normal as long as the frequency isn't less than 5 times per week.

He believes that the baby must be given plain water to promote better gastro-intestinal movement (in addition to his milk intake), and insists on using Q-tip cotton-swabs whenever the baby grunts as he tries to poop. But I don't know if these practices are really doing good for the baby (I personally don't think we need that Q-tip whenever the baby hasn't pooped in two days).

Wouldn't the additional water be okay to give? And is there any other way aside from inserting the cotton swab to stimulate bowel movement?

Just to add, if this helps:
- My baby is just 3 months old.
- He has been on formula milk since he was just two weeks old (no breastfeeding since then).