Here's something that my husband and I cannot agree about again: Letting our 3-month old baby watch TV.

I don't know but am I the only one who disagrees with this? Well, the baby does seem to actually enjoy watching because his eyes seem fixed on the TV set, especially with animations. My husband is simply fascinated with how the baby just seems to watch without batting an eyelash!

Oh.. but I am afraid that this isn't a good idea. There was one time when the baby has started mewling, which I took as his early indication of hunger. But my husband just thought that it was because the baby was distracted from watching TV when he changed positions in cradling him. In a couple of minutes, my baby burst into tears.

Is there any benefit for the baby to be exposed to TV at such a young age? Or, doesn't it do more harm than good?
My sister said that there's some kind of DVD just showing colors and shapes intended for infants to watch. Would you recommend this?