For a 3-month old baby who has just discovered his hand and is intent at looking at them, I thought up of setting up these baby mobiles on his cot for him to play with. However, he didn't take a very long interest in it! He tried to reach them for the first few days but after awhile, he doesn't pay attention to it anymore.

I have read somewhere that it will be good to start reading to him to enhance language acquisition, but he doesn't seem that interested as well.

What would be good activities or games to play with the baby at 3 months? Some games we used to play when he was just 2 months old (such as gently pedaling his feet in the air) don't seem to be enjoyable for him anymore. When he gets bored, he does cry out loud until I attend to him and play with him. But I am running out of ideas! >.< (Or, maybe I am not just as creative.)