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    Activities and games to play with my baby

    For a 3-month old baby who has just discovered his hand and is intent at looking at them, I thought up of setting up these baby mobiles on his cot for him to play with. However, he didn't take a very long interest in it! He tried to reach them for the first few days but after awhile, he doesn't pay attention to it anymore.

    I have read somewhere that it will be good to start reading to him to enhance language acquisition, but he doesn't seem that interested as well.

    What would be good activities or games to play with the baby at 3 months? Some games we used to play when he was just 2 months old (such as gently pedaling his feet in the air) don't seem to be enjoyable for him anymore. When he gets bored, he does cry out loud until I attend to him and play with him. But I am running out of ideas! >.< (Or, maybe I am not just as creative.)

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    Hi Madysen,

    Thanks for your interesting post.

    Babies change so quickly don't they?! One day they are fascinated by a new object and the next day they are into something else.

    Between 3 and 6 months of age your baby will be starting to make more noises and become more vocal. He is getting used to how his voice works and practising using it! He will probably love to have 'conversations' with you- where you talk and then give him time to babble back and then you respond etc. He will also start to get more interested in books at this age and I think it's great if you can read to your baby/child every day. This will start a lifelong love of books! He may not seem that interested in looking at the pages at this age but will enjoy hearing the changes in your voice.

    Another game which is fun to play at around 3 months of age and older is dangling a toy in front of your baby and then when they grab for it smiling and praising your baby. Some babies find this hilarious and it is also beneficial for their development.

    I found bubbles and bath toys were also a hit at this age! You could also put on some nursery rhymes or baby songs and dance around the room with your baby. Lots of these songs have actions which young babies like to watch and older babies like to copy.

    Let me know if your baby enjoys any of these suggestions. Have fun!

    Best wishes,


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    Great suggestions from LJ!

    One thing you've just learned is that children may find one thing interesting for a short period of time, and then lose interest. This continues through childhood.

    A great way to keep a child's interest in something is to rotate it. If your child has lost interest in the mobile, remove it for a time (a week at this age is plenty of time) then introduce it again and it will seem brand new to them the next time they see it.

    As the child grows, you will want to rotate toys too. Have a box in the closet with toys your child is no longer interested in. Then a few weeks or months later bring those "old" toys back and put the current toys away. You can even do this with 3 boxes, rotating periodically to help your child's toys seem new to him more than once.

    Do post back and let us know if any of the suggestions LJ gave you were helpful.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi LJ, I tried the bubbles right away and my baby is enjoying it! Thanks a lot for this suggestion.

    I would make sure to rotate the toys these time. I will let you know how the baby will respond to these activities once I have tried them. Thanks Kate!

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    I'm glad your baby enjoyed the bubbles Madysen! Bubbles which are made with sugar solution tend not to burst so quickly.

    I've certainly found rotating toys keeps the attention of my little boy. If he's not seen a toy for a while then he can't wait to play with it!

    I hope your baby continues to enjoy the new games Madysen,


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    Here's a recipe for bubbles made with added sugar.

    1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid (Dawn or Joy works best)
    2 cups of water
    2 teaspoons of sugar

    You can add a little food coloring to make colorful bubbles.

    Here's a videos of a baby who found that watching her dog pop bubbles was the funnies thing...

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