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    i am 29 and married for 2 years , we are not desparately trying for baby but i have following questions

    1) intercourse is much hurtful now

    2) lot of semen comes out after intercourse, is this normal ?

    3) do OB's treatment can help in above?

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    Hello me4u,

    Welcome to the forums!

    Regarding your concerns...

    1) You've been married for 2 years. How long has intercourse been painful? (Just in the past month, 6 months, etc.?) Do you find it is more painful at certain times of the month?

    Are your periods regular (lasting around 28 days or so)?

    How often are you having sex during the month, and when?

    2) A lot of semen coming out after intercourse is normal. However, it's not optimal when you're trying to conceive. One thing that can help more semen to stay in is for you to put a dry wash cloth or hand towel or a cloth diaper at your vagina as your husband pulls out. If you keep the cloth there, more semen will stay in.

    3) It's best for us to try to figure out what is causing the painful intercourse. Once we do that, then we will know better whether a doctor or midwife could help.

    Looking forward to hearing learning more about your situation so that we can help.

    Warm regards,


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