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    Question Weight Gain Problems

    My sister just had her prenatal check-up a week ago. She is on her 5th month and her doctor was wondering on why she was not gaining weight. She was 69 kilograms a month before the visit and now she weighs 65kilograms. Her doctor prescribed vitamins and advised her to consume milk everyday since the first trimester. Why is it that she is not gaining weight? She even lost weight. Considering the fact that she is on her second trimester of pregnancy.

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    Stress can play a large part in weight loss. If your sister is anxious about the pregnancy, or having a new baby, or if there are relationship problems between her and the baby's father, or her and her parents, or problems at work - all of these things can contribute to a lack of desire to eat or eating the wrong foods.

    Sometimes weight loss can be due to other things.

    If your sister was very large to begin with, then she could lose weight if she's actually been trying to eat better during pregnancy.

    If this is the same person who was craving tuna, that could be another indication that there's an imbalance within her system and this could cause weight loss as well.

    I'm glad the doctor prescribed vitamins to be sure she's getting enough nutrients for the baby.

    If she normally tends to be underweight, eating a higher amount of healthy fats can help. Nuts are good, and if she's going to drink milk every day, she will want to be sure she's drinking full fat milk (not low-fat or non-fat) and preferably organic. Eggs are also good to eat during pregnancy as they offer high quality protein with some good fat from the egg yolk.


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    Thanks Kate,

    I think her job is a great factor of stress. She works at night and comes home early in the morning. She sleeps for only 6 hours and eats irregularly.

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    That could do it. It's super important that she try to take a nap during the day or sleep more at night, and it's super important that she try to eat throughout the day. She will be putting herself and her baby at risk if she doesn't. The healthier she is during her pregnancy the better chance of having an easier delivery and a healthy baby.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi charibelle_925,

    I agree with Kate's advice: stress and not eating a balanced diet are particularly important in pregnancy. Your sister may find these articles useful: What to Eat in Pregnancy. Now I am pregnant again (and breastfeeding my toddler) I am making a bigger effort to follow this healthy eating advice. I know it isn't easy when we are busy sometimes but i think it is worth it.

    I was also wondering if your sister had/ does suffer from morning sickness. I lost a bit of weight through being sick with my first pregnancy.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi charibelle,
    Agree with Kate and like to say engage your sister in regular workouts because physical activities will not only helps in sooth stress, deal with depression but also boost he metabolism and helps in delivery also.

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