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Thread: How to manage being a work at home mom?

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    How to manage being a work at home mom?

    I am working from home just recently and I love it. I have two daughters to take care of. Its a matter my balancing my time. For now I'm having difficulties adjusting to this new set up of being full time mom at the same time a work at home mom. What are your suggestions in order for me to manage these 2 roles?

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    I also work from home and I have an 18 month old cheeky boy and am pregnant with number two.

    I find it best to completely separate time when I am caring for/playing with my son from working time. My son reliably has a nap each day so I work during this time, and also in the evenings once he has gone to sleep. Sometimes I work at the weekend and my son and husband have some quality father and son time!

    I think it's still important to make sure you have a rest as it is tiring (though fantastic) having young children and working from home - so I do not work all evening.

    If I have a particularly busy week with work then I will go to my sons grandparents and work from there whilst they watch him in another room/ in the garden. It can be a bit tricky to arrange, but (in my experience) I cannot work whilst caring for my son at the same time.

    I think it is well worth it as I get to spend so much time with my lovely little growing boy and can work flexibly around him.

    I wish you all the best,


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    Lots of great ideas from LJ, once again!

    I found that working during nap time was helpful for me as well. I also would have my oldest child lay down for a rest when my younger ones were napping. She could look at books, play with a stuffed animal quietly in her bed, but she had to stay in her bed for 2 hours. She often fell asleep.

    As she got older then I would schedule quiet time for 2 hours a day where she needed to stay in her room. She could listen to tapes, color with crayons, or do other quiet activities in her room. But I found I NEEDED my quiet time.

    I also made sure the children were in bed by 7:30 or 8PM so that I could have at least an hour of quiet time at night as well.

    As your older daughter learns to play nicely with the baby, and as the baby gets older (maybe around 2 years of age) you may be able to schedule time where the older child is doing something with the younger one, but this would not be advisable right now due to the fact that you cannot trust the 5 year old not to hurt the 1 year old right now.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi sheryl80, Kate and LJ,

    I too am a mother of three kids and working at home as well. It is such a great challenge to every woman, whether working at hoe or not, to balance their time doing chores and taking care of the whole family at the same time. But I believe, God gave us that task..and because He knows that we can do it.

    There are times that when you do need to take some quality time off for yourself and you don't get it, you often feel so tired an even feel that the world is not fair on you. Still, you need to know that a mother's task is never done. I always put that in mind knowing that my own mother has not graduated from the fact that i and my other female sibs run to her for help at times with regards to the kids.

    Like what Kate and LJ may have mentioned, it is always a matter of balancing your time. Although most of the time your kids get to use up your time - and often give less time to your hubby - you will have to learn how to balance it.

    Hope you will do great.

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    Thanks for your comments on this MumO'Three.

    Yes being a working mum can certainly be challenging at times and involves careful balancing of tasks! I agree with what Kate said about needing to schedule in working time (when the children are napping or reading in their cot etc) as well as some free time in the evening. Sometimes I feel guilty about this as I miss my little guy even when he is sleeping in a room nearby but I know it is for the best for all of us and then I can give him my full attention the rest of the time.

    I hope you all continue to be happy working mums,

    Best wishes,


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    I also work from home and have really enjoyed reading these comments. Like LJ, I often go to my parents house and let them watch my little ones while I work. My husband also watches them for a few hours everyday so that I can work.

    In the past I tried to work at my job and be mommy at the same time. It just did not work. It is impossible to split my attention in two places at once and do a good job of either.

    Working at home and being a mom is difficult. However, I wouldn't change a thing. It takes a while to find your groove, but you will get there.

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    Thumbs up Another working mum

    I work from home, and I find that it is easier to work during nap times, school hours, and during any time where the children can be with a friend/grandparents. One thing I usually refrain from is working when the children are all here, and I am in complete care/responsibility over them. I find that it is just more frustrating to work during this time, as there are many interruptions, and it is almost impossible for me to focus on the task at hand.

    Thank you all for the advice and comments you have posted, this also gives me a few ideas on how to manage my current situation as well.

    Good luck to all you working mums!!

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    I am also a work from home mom and I think all your suggestions are great!


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    Hi Jersey1210 and emilylou21,

    So glad you found some helpful ideas in this thread! I very much enjoy working from home and my family benefits too.

    Warm Regards,


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    I just got a new full time job at home and honestly I'm a bit worried since it's a 40 hour/week job. Anyone works 40 hour/week at home? Any tips?

    Thank you

    - jersey1210

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    Hi jersey1210,

    It's exciting to hear that you have landed a full time job from home (if this is what you were wanting).

    Now, more than ever, it will be important to have your 15 year old daughter's help and any other adults you feel comfortable to have caring for your baby.

    For starters, let's look at the time when your baby is sleeping because those will be the hours you will work on a regular basis each day.

    Let's say your baby wakes up at 7AM, takes a nap from 1pm-3pm and goes to bed at 8PM.

    You could work from:
    5AM-7AM (2 hours)
    1PM-3PM (2 hours)
    8PM-10PM (2 hours)

    So there's 6 hours right there, with 7 hours of sleep at night (if you can live on 7 hours of sleep. If you need more sleep, then you'll have to make the time up somewhere else.)

    Now all you have to do is find 2 more hours in your day. Let's say you ask your 15 year old to watch the baby for 1 hour a day, maybe when she gets home from school, from 3:30PM-4:30PM, and you could ask your husband to watch the baby for an hour before bed (maybe from 7PM-8PM).

    In order to work full time from home and still have meals on the table and do chores for your family you'll need to make sure you use your time wisely.

    Don't eat sugar except for the occasional treat. But make it a goal not to eat any sugar. Eat a big green vegetable salad every day (can be your lunch each day, and you can add canned chicken or tuna to it), and have a healthy dinner. For breakfast, make yourself a green smoothie every morning, and if you get hungry between smoothie and lunch salad, have some raw nuts and dried fruit on hand as a snack.

    When preparing meals, put the baby in the backpack so she is on your back, while you prepare meals. When doing chores like laundry, have the baby in a room that is safe for her (pad the corners of tables by putting thick blankets over the tables, etc.).

    Rotate her toys so that she has "new" toys to play with each week, that keep her attention. Be sure you plan time to spend with the baby doing coloring or play dough or other types of games/crafts and reading so that she is getting the time she needs.

    If you need a power nap in the middle of the day, then definitely take it during baby's nap time. You may need to put a video on for the baby for 30 minutes later in the day while you work, but that power nap is so important when you're already feeling tired.

    So what's going to get you through all of this? Diet changes (more fresh fruits and vegetables, less biscuits, chips, sugar, white flour), exercise (take a walk with your baby every day) and rest. It truly is possible to do it all, but it will take a schedule and sticking to that schedule along with making your health a priority.

    You're going to be adding 40 hours of stress to your life that you haven't had and the first few weeks will be especially stressful as you become trained and learn the job. Drink lots of green smoothies and even invest in a juicer so you can juice some kale and apples. That's my favorite. Freshly squeezed apple juice with kale or spinach. It gives me so much energy and I feel really good when I drink it throughout the day.

    I wish you all the best and feel free to post anytime if you need help.

    Warm Regards,


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    How to manage being a work at home mom? It's not easy for any lady to manage work at home now a days but active women do it bravely. But if the job is more than 40 hours a week then it's not easy to manage. Probably 30 hours are best for you to manage.

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    Hi jersey1210

    How are you managing working from full time from home? I have been working full time from home since my youngest daughter was about 8 weeks old. She is now 2 years and 2 months. I have found it quite exhausting and certainly stressful but all up I do not regret my decision. Being able to spend this time with my daughter has been wonderful.

    Like Kate suggests, you need to have a schedule and be disciplined however I would caution you that your baby has not read the schedule so you need to be prepared for the days when those available hours evaporate. Also as your baby grows your schedule, the way you manage baby’s awake time while you work, and how much extra support you draw on will change.

    When I started out with an 8 week old baby who slept well and a job which was highly predictable and paid on an annual salary, I worked without any support. I have no family to assist me but I found I was more than able to keep all the balls in the air.

    When my daughter was 6 months I was retrenched and realising that in my occupation a full time work from home salary job was unlikely, I chose to work freelance. This has its own set of challenges with client contact, workflow and workload being highly unpredictable. The thing that has got me through more than schedules or anything else, is the humble to do list.

    I preference by saying I do have a schedule in which I have blocked out the time I will work for each company I draw work from. However I have never found this to be much of a motivator. Each evening before I go to bed I map out the following day. While my schedule is a delightful colour-coded Excel spreadsheet, I find going low tech is the best option for a to do list.

    I use the tiled splash-back behind my stove and coloured whiteboard markers. On it I list all the work to be completed for the day in order of priority, and allot times in which to do it. If you use this method, avoid running your time slots back to back. Unless you are extremely good at estimating the time required for tasks (and have a crystal ball to foresee interruptions) it is unlikely you will run to time. The gaps enable any overflow to be absorbed and if you do run at or ahead of time, you can then have a break.

    I have a Nanny 2.5 days a week which enables me to focus more on my work. Not the work ‘more’ rather than ‘solely.’ Having the Nanny and a 2 year old in the house still creates plenty of distraction.

    The other thing that has worked for me it learning not to be too hard on myself when I get to the end of the day and the work is not all done. I try to schedule ahead so that if something isn’t finished it’s not the end of the world. I also accept that sometimes, working to the wee hours is necessary to achieve essential work. This is the toughest thing I face and something I buffer with good food, supplements and a nap the next day!

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