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    Online Worker Pregnant Mom

    Hi Forum Pals,

    My wife named Shermaine is having our first honeymoon baby and is now on her 18 weeks of pregnancy. She is a fulltime online worker. There are times that she told me that she feels so heavy and cannot sit well in her chair leaning on her back. What I did is I gave her pillow in her chair so she will feel comfortable working in front of computer and also gave her a stool chair to put her feet in it. As I have observed, instead of sitting lied on her back, she puts the back of the chair on her side and lied back on her side when she said she felt heavy.
    My question is, what is the best position for sitting when working in front of computer for long hours for a pregnant woman. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Hi Shao,

    Thank you for your question. It's an interesting one, as pregnant women are spending longer and longer sitting, and working, in front of a computer.

    Many women do suffer from a painful back in pregnancy. This is generally because of the way the muscles must adapt to the growing bump.

    It is important to sit up as straight as possible and avoid slumping. As your wife's bump gets bigger, she will probably find this easiest to do if she sits with her legs slightly apart. Your wife could also use a 'lumbar roll' to support her back further.

    It is advised for pregnant women to have regular breaks from sitting in front of a computer. Every 20-30 mins your wife should get up and have a walk around the room or make a drink. Also, at times when your wife is not working on the computer she could spend some time sitting on a 'birthing ball' to help improve her posture.

    I hope some of these suggestions are helpful for you and your wife,

    Best wishes,


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    LJ's suggestions are spot on. I know it's difficult to get up and walk around when you're working, but this is very, very important for your wife and baby. The baby will get better circulation and oxygen and your wife will be in much better shape when it comes time for the birth.

    Plus, your wife may find that if she doesn't take breaks every half hour, that she will be in more pain (i.e. back, belly, legs) and then that may mean that she either has to stop working or that you end up having to have regular Chiropractic visits to help get things in alignment (which will cost money). Regular Chiropractic visits are important during any woman's pregnancy, and I found them especially helpful at the end of my pregnancy when we were trying to get baby into a really good position to make the birth easier and faster. You can find a Chiropractor here.

    Ultimately you are doing the right thing in giving your wife pillows and stools to help her feel more comfortable. Keep doing what's needed to help her feel comfortable.

    Warm regards,


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    Thanks for the reminder of the help a chiropractor can be in pregnancy Kate. It's so important to protect our backs.


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