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    Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Fertility

    [B]I had a miscarriage in November, after working through that we've decided to try again. I read that Red Raspberry Leaf Tea will help boost fertility so that we can conceive quicker, I also read that once pregnant if you drink it daily, it will prevent miscarriage and support a healthy pregnancy? Does anyone know this to be true regarding Raspberry Leaf?
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    Hello Kayla86,

    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum. I'm so very sorry that you experienced a miscarriage.

    It is not recommended to consume Raspberry Leaf before you are 32 weeks pregnant. Please have a look at this article for more detailed information on Raspberry Leaf. It is thought that it can strengthen uterine contractions and this is why women take it to prepare for labour. There is some concern that taking it earlier in pregnancy could cause a miscarriage. I'm not aware of research that it could prevent miscarriage?

    With the majority of miscarriages, there is nothing you could have done to change it. In most cases there is sadly a problem with the DNA of the baby. The majority of women who have one miscarriage will go on to have a healthy pregnancy next time.

    Thinking of you,

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