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    Conceiving late in life

    Hi! I am 39 years old and my husband and I are planning to have another baby but not just yet. I have told him that it might not be possible anymore at my age. Do we still have a chance of having another child after 40? At what age should we stop expecting to have one?

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    Hi Sunny24,

    I noticed in another one of your posts that your youngest is 16 months old and you are still breastfeeding. Congratulations on that! I also noticed that you'd like to try for a baby boy.

    I conceived my fifth child when I was 40, and gave birth to a healthy baby just one month before my 41st birthday.

    I have a friend who conceived (naturally) her seventh baby when she was 44.

    Though it does tend to get harder and harder to conceive each year, after 35, it doesn't mean that it's impossible.

    If you are having regular cycles again, and if your husband is in agreement, I'd encourage you to start trying for your boy soon. Here's a thread that discusses what you need to do to increase your chances of conceiving a boy.

    Hope this helps.

    Warm Regards,


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    Thanks, Kate! That was very encouraging

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    Hello Sunny24,

    I'm pleased to see that Kate has been encouraging you above.

    You are still more likely to get pregnant rather than not at age 40 but unfortunately a woman's fertility levels start to significantly decrease from age 35. This is because both the quantity and quality of a woman's eggs start to significantly reduce from this time. It is mainly the reduced quantity of eggs which makes it harder to conceive and the reduced quality which sadly makes miscarriage more likely and the chance of a baby having a syndrome such as Down Syndrome more likely. However, the most likely outcome at age 39/40 is that you do get pregnant and the baby is healthy.

    In terms of the statistics (if you are interested in these);

    - at age 30-34 you have a 65-70% chance of conceiving in a year of trying.
    - at age 35-39 this figure becomes 55-64%
    - at age 40-42 it is 35-50%

    When are you thinking of starting to try and conceive?

    With warm wishes,

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