Hello Midwife Jane,

I just learned of a woman who is undergoing ICSI. They were able to retrieve 4 eggs, and all 4 eggs were fertilized.

If 3 or 4 embryos are of high enough quality to transfer, there would be a possibility of her carrying triplets or quadruplets.

Have you ever known of a woman who has delivered triplets vaginally and if so, was it at home or in the hospital? I would like to encourage this woman to have a vaginal delivery, but not sure if I could do this if she's carrying triplets or quads. She is 40 years old and I know that there would be a high probability that the babies would come early if she were carrying 3 or 4 but I'm wondering if there are doctors or midwives that would support her in planning for a vaginal delivery if she were carrying more than 2.

Warm regards,